To survive and thrive as a global community in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis,
we must be technology-enabled, business-focused, human-powered, and society-embracing.


Roderick Lim Banda
Founding Partner, KASE

Sunil Malhotra
Founder / CEO, Ideafarms
Exponential Transformation Champion, OpenExO

Todd Nilson
Owner and Digital Strategist, Clocktower Advisors

Igor Mroz
Founder, Zero Bullshit Management
Project Management Expert and Antifragility Evangelist

Primitivo Cachero Viejo
Head of Agile, atmira
Perspective: Guiding towards antifragility through resilience & new leadership, and creating flow of value in a world that needs more human leadership. My purpose as human is to help evolve people & organisations through a new more human leadership towards antifragile systems.

Charlotte Weinberg
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
Executive Director, Safe Ground

Paige Williams
Author of “AntiFragile Leadership: Learning to Thrive in the Decade of Disruption”
AntiFragile Leadership in the Decade of Disruption


Wendy Balman
(Co-host/conversationalist for Open Exploratory Panel)
Senior Consultant, The CreatingWE® Institute

Mark Buchan
(Host/Conversationalist for Track A: Business-focused)
Author, Speaker, Trusted C-Suite Advisor and Organisational Transformation Troubleshooter
Head of Culture, The Agile Leader Ltd
Author of Leaders, it’s not how you finish … it’s how you start!: A radical, new strategy for leading successful Agile Transformations revealed

Colleen Bucsko
(Digital Marketing)

Marketing Manager, Micro Strategies Inc.

Robert Claybrook
(Co-host/conversationalist for Open Exploratory Panel)
Senior Technology Executive and President, Emergence of Tech

Kelley Curtis
(Digital Marketing)
Marketing Manager, Micro Strategies Inc.

Chris Diming
(Community Outreach & Engagement)

Design Anthropologist

Denise DiPiano
(Host/Conversationalist for Track C: Human-powered and Society-embracing)
Strategic Human Resource Leader

John Eyles
(Community Outreach & Engagement)

Director, Wheelhouse Education & Learning Ltd
Managing Director, Eyles and Associates Ltd

Joseph Galanek
(Community Outreach & Engagement)

Senior Researcher, EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research

Lisa (Scovel) Galarneau
(Community Outreach & Engagement)

Founder and Imagineer, HireWisdom
Researcher, Strategist, Writer/Editor, SEO/SEM, Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Co-Founder And Contact Experiencer, The Disclosure Activists

Ciprian Alpiu Moga
(Host/Conversationalist for Track B: Technology-enabled)

Managing Partner, iQuest Consulting

Avery Quayle
(Digital Marketing)
Senior Director of Marketing, Micro Strategies Inc.

Whit (Whitaker) Raymond
(Co-host/conversationalist for Open and Close)
Senior Consultant, The CreatingWE® Institute

Rhonda York
(Co-host/conversationalist for Close Exploratory Panel)
Senior Consultant, The CreatingWE® Institute


Si Alhir (Organizer and Host)
Transformation (Resilience/Transilience/Antifragility) Leader, Coach, Consultant, and Entrepreneur
Author of The Antifragility Edge
The Stress-Powered Business
Antifragility: Embracing Reality and Ensuring Aliveness

Ted Bauer (Host)
Freelance Writing, Editing, Marketing, Context of Things (COT)

Barry Bettman (Producer and Host)
Professional Certified Coach